Welcome to Rudy's Exterminating Company Inc.

Rudy's Exterminating Company Inc. is a full service pest control provider serving the needs of our clients in Queens, NY and the surrounding NYC areas. If you have been trying to manage your pest control needs on your own and have been unsuccessful, it's time to call in the experts. Our experienced exterminators can meet all of your pest removal needs with safe and effective solutions. We are experienced in treating bed bugs and offering efficient termite control for your home or business.

In addition to providing exceptional bed bug and termite removal, we also offer a variety of products to assist you as we work to rid your home of unwanted pests. Our products include certified mattress covers, and certified bed spring covers available in a wide range of sizes. As the bed bugs are being eliminated, the covers will work to protect you and your family for a peaceful and unbothered night's rest.

24 Hour Response Times

If you need assistance of a professional exterminator or have a concern between scheduled visits, contact us and we will assist you within 24 hours. We understand that you may need support and answers as we eliminate the pests from your home. That is why we offer responsive and attentive service to ensure you are always well attended to and your concerns are adequately addressed.

If you would like to schedule service in Queens, NY or the surrounding areas of NYC, we are happy to assist you. Call us at (718) 932-8611 today!

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