Common Bugs in Astoria, NYC


Astoria, Queens, is a vibrant neighborhood, but like any urban area, it can also attract unwanted guests – pests. Here's a rundown of the most common creepy crawlies you might encounter in your Astoria apartment, along with tips to keep them at bay.

Common Pests in Astoria

Here are the most common pests you may encounter in your Astoria home:


Cockroaches, particularly the German and American species, are frequent in NYC dwellings. Their presence often correlates with factors such as cleanliness, moisture, and food availability. These pests can spread bacteria and trigger allergies, making their control essential. Check out our other blog on how to get rid of roaches in NYC

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are another significant concern, feeding on human blood and leaving itchy marks. These pests can move easily between apartments, making infestations hard to contain. Professional extermination is usually necessary to eradicate them.


Carpenter ants are notable for their ability to burrow into wood structures, such as window frames. They are also drawn to food residues. Addressing ant issues often involves cleaning up food spills and professional intervention for structural infestations.


Mice are a common sight in NYC homes, capable of entering through very small openings. They can cause property damage and may indicate the need for sealing potential entry points to prevent their access.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can enter homes through minor cracks or on produce. They are known for spreading bacteria when they land on food and surfaces. Controlling fruit flies involves securing entry points and properly storing food items.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free With Rudy’s!

In Astoria and other NYC neighborhoods, dealing with these pests requires a combination of sanitation, sealing potential entry points, and, when necessary, professional pest control. Here at Rudy’s, we offer comprehensive services that ensure pests are eliminated and don’t return. Don’t share your home with pests any longer; call our Astoria exterminators today! 

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